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Batman Begins

Batman: Begins 1/12 League Of Shadows Bruce Wayne & Henri Ducard From Soap Studio



Soap Studios has released updated photos of their upcoming Batman Begins figures. The Bruce Wayne and Ra’s al Ghul 1/12 Scale Figures feature fabric outfits based on their League of Shadows attire. Each figure includes a sword and interchangeable hands. They will also include sculpted heads with masks, and figure stands.

Bruce Wayne & Ra’s al Ghul League of Shadows Gear set – Special Edition – $1,180 Hong Kong Dollars (about $151 USD)

When Bruce Wayne met Ra’s al Ghul by a twist of fate, with series of rigorous training, Bruce turn himself from a courageous explorer to a capable martial artist. Not only out of the haze but also finished his final test. He once though he would find a place in League of Shadows, but life is unpredictable, especially being asked to destroy his hometown — Gotham City, which was treated as a hopeless evil city. In a dilemma, Bruce turned his back to the past alliance, set off a gunpowder, blew up entire house. Yet, is just the start of story…

Product Highlight

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of Bruce Wayne & Henri Ducard from Batman Begin.
  • Painted ABS & PVC
  • Highly detailed appearance
  • Approximately 15cm in height
  • Bruce Wayne: a sculpted head, a sliver sword, a pair of relaxed hands, fists and sword-holding hands
  • Henri Ducard : a sculpted head, a black sword, a pair of relaxed hands, fists and sword-holding hands
  • Armor x1
  • Head and joints are posable , 27 movable joints

* Get special accessories with pre-order Bruce Wayne & Ra’s al Ghul League of Shadows Gear set (Special Edition) at Soap Studio Official Website, which included :
Bruce Wayne’s sculpted head with mask and dagger

Release date : Approximately End of May, 2018

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Batman Begins

Photos of New MAFEX The Dark Knight Trilogy Figures Hit the Internet!



Two new The Dark Knight Trilogy figures have been revealed by Medicom. Joining their MAFEX line up is Ra’s al Ghul from Batman Begins, as well as Bruce Wayne from The Dark Knight Rises.

Bruce Wayne includes a cane and alternate pieces that can be used with the Batman Begins Batman figure. The new pieces allow you to transform that figure into the Batman Begins “first version” suit, including a ski masked head, a chest piece with no symbol, a new back piece, and a harness. The Ra’s al Ghul figure includes swap out masked and unmasked heads, a sword, and a broken sword.

You can expect to pay around $80 USD for each of these figures. They are due for release in March 2019.

About The Dark Knight Trilogy:

The Dark Knight Trilogy is a set of three Christopher Nolan Batman movies. It includes Batman Begins (2005),[1] The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012).[2] Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Cillian Murphy appeared in all three movies.

All cast and crew members worked on all three movies, except for music composer James Newton Howard who did not work on The Dark Knight Rises. Composer Hans Zimmer worked together with Howard on the first two films and made the soundtrack for the last movie by himself. Katie Holmes played Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins, but was replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight. Liam Neeson appeared as Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins and in The Dark Knight Rises.

Heath Ledger received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight. He died before the movie was released.

All the three movies became a success with The Dark Knight becoming the number one grossing movie in 2008.[3] The Dark Knight Rises is the number two highest grossing movie in 2012. Batman Begins is the ninth highest grossing movie in 2005. Batman Begins earned $372,710,015 worldwide. The Dark Knight earned $1,003,045,358. The Dark Knight Rises earned $1,081,041,287, passing the receipts of The Dark Knight. — Wikipedia.

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