Changes Coming to Funko’s Legion of Collectors!

Some sad news coming in from Funko this morning. Apparently the company will no longer be supporting the Legion of Collectors box. It appears that the box will still be available, but through some unannounced exclusive retailer in the coming months.

This could turn out to be better or worse.

Better – No more worries of damaged boxes in the mail. Worse – the box could tank at retail, and no longer be produced at all. Check out the official announcement below…

In effort to allow Funko to focus on what they do best – creating unique, quality collectibles, Funko will be discontinuing the subscription offering for the Legion of Collectors box on March 2, 2018. Therefore, the current Legion of Collectors Green Lantern Corps box offered by Funko will be the last collectibles box available for purchase by account holders.

Have no fear! The boxes aren’t disappearing completely. After the discontinuation date of the subscription offering, Funko will be transitioning the DC Legion of Collectors collectibles box to retail. Funko will be partnering with an exclusive retailer to deliver a DC Legion of Collectors box as a retail offering. Stay tuned for upcoming details.


Any refunds for annual subscription boxes that are not fulfilled will be processed back to the credit card currently on file in your account. Your action is to, prior to March 2, please ensure that the credit card and billing information for your account is up to date. Annual Subscribers will still receive a members-only annual gift.

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