TOY FAIR 2018 – Factory Entertainment

We now look at the Factory Entertainment booth at Toy Fair 2018. The company had a few DC Comics collectibles on display this year. Of note is The Flash cane topper, which looks amazing! Check out a few of the pictures below!

We want to thank the fine folks over at for their amazing photos. You can check out even more detailed photos from the booth at the source link at the bottom of the article.

Factory Entertainment
Factory Entertainment (photo
Plush DC animals
Plush DC animals (photo
Plush DC animals
Plush DC animals (photo
Revos Batman, The Flash,  and Superman
Revos Batman, The Flash,
and Superman (photo
Revos Wonder Woman
Revos Wonder Woman (photo
The Flash Cane Topper
The Flash Cane Topper (photo

About Factory Entertainment:

Factory Entertainment was formed in 2009 by several industry veterans for the purpose of designing, creating, and marketing licensed toys and collectibles based on motion pictures, television shows, recording artists, and other popular culture icons. The company’s mission is to provide great products that enhance the experience of being a fan and a collector. Whether it’s an action figure or an autographed, limited edition prop replica, all products are born of an enthusiasm to create “wonderful things” that collectors would want to own.

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