TOY FAIR 2018 – Good Smile Company

Now we turn our attention to the Good Smile Company booth. It is clear from the photos that Good Smile Company is buying in big on the upcoming Batman Ninja Anime. Their booth contained a few statues based on the upcoming film. Wonder Woman also makes an appearance in the form of a Nendoroid figure, which is currently pre-sold out at most retailers.

Check out the photos below!

We want to thank the fine folks over at for their amazing photos. You can check out even more detailed photos from the booth at the source link at the bottom of the article.

Batman statue
Batman statue (photo
Batman Ninja Statue
Batman Ninja Statue (photo
Batman Ninja Statue
Batman Ninja Statue (photo
Wonder Woman Nendoroid
Wonder Woman Nendoroid (photo

About Good Smile Company:

Good Smile Company is a manufacturer and distributor of beautiful Japanese figures and statues based on popular anime and manga characters. Many of the company’s remarkable offerings involve lovely women in colorful but hard-to-believe outfits. These pieces are brightly hued, well-crafted, and exhibit excellent attention to detail. If you are a fan or collector of this highly popular, exotic form of art, you’ll be pleased with what Good Smile has to offer!

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