TOY FAIR 2018 – DC Collectibles

The biggest DC Comics presence at Toy Fair this year is of course their own in-house collectible company, DC Collectibles. This year the company rolled out the red carpet to show off all of their new and upcoming merchandise. While we have already seen official pics of the products, it is nice to see the entire booth!

The upcoming Teen Titans diorama was on display, as well as Doomsday Clock figures, DC Essentials figures, and more statues than you can shake a stick at! Check out the pics below!

We want to thank the fine folks over at for their amazing photos. You can check out even more detailed photos from the booth at the source link at the bottom of the article.

About DC Collectibles:

DC Collectibles is the exclusive collectibles division of DC Comics, which manufactures and markets over 100 products each year. These fantastic items, ranging from action figures to cold-cast porcelain statues, are based on the world-famous DC Comics superheroes and other characters of the DC Universe. Each product is designed with the greatest attention to detail and authenticity. The DC Direct line is highly regarded and sought after by fans and collectors for its superior quality and limited availability. You can’t miss with collectibles from DC Collectibles!

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