NECA’s Batman vs. Joker Alien Figure Update

Remember that Batman Vs. Joker Alien action figure set that NECA was working on? Well if you do, here is a small update from NECA concerning the availability of the set. Unfortunately it is not all good, but there is a ray of hope for those wanting it. It just involves a little travel…

Sadly, the highly anticipated Batman vs Joker Alien, and all of the Darkhorse vs DC Comics releases will no longer see retail releases. Licensing issues have forced these to be released via conventions only.

Batman Vs. Joker Alien Action Figure Set
Batman Vs. Joker Alien Action Figure Set

It makes one wonder if the company is winding down its use of the DC Comics license. A quick search returns that the only upcoming DC Comics themed product is their 1/4 scale Wonder Woman figure, which should be hitting shelves this month.

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About NECA:

Founded in 1985 and based in New Jersey, National Entertainment Collectibles Association is a worldwide leader in the design, development, and marketing of collector toys like NECA action figures and consumer products. Its many first-class offerings run a spectrum of genre, licensed properties, and types of merchandise, and are sold around the world.

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