Kotobukiya Previews Batman: The Animated Series – The Joker and Harley Quinn Statues


Kotobukiya has released a full reveal of their upcoming Batman: The Animated Series The Joker and Harley Quinn statues. The Joker Statue will stand at 6.7″ tall, and will include three interchangeable face parts. He will also include two additional portraits for the Harley Quinn release. The Harley Quinn Statue stands at 6.3″ tall, and will also includes three interchangeable portraits. She will include two additional interchangeable portraits and and two interchangeable arm parts for The Joker. Each statue includes a magnetic base.

The statues have gone up for pre-order in Japan, so expect their US counterparts to go up any time now. We will of course update this article with the pre-order links when they are available. Until then, check out the assortment of photos of the two new statues below!

About Kotobukiya:

Founded in 1953, Kotobukiya has grown into Japan’s #1 collector toy company, with a peerless reputation for quality and craftsmanship. The firm has developed a number of the world’s best-loved properties into exquisite collectible statues, figures, and kits that bring joy and value to fans the world over. You owe it to yourself to check out the superb offerings from Kotobukiya!



  1. yeah, these are spectacular. It is a good time to be a collector of BTAS stuff. More now, than when the show was originally airing!

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