New DC Multiverse Figures Leaked!

Thanks to the fine folks over at the They’re Action Figures Facebook page, we have our first look at the line-up for the next wave of DC Multiverse figures! According to the page, the images were taken from Mattel’s Business to Business site. Apparently this is some sort of preview page so that company’s can get a jump on preparing for upcoming product.

If this holds up to be true the next line will include a Kyle Rayner Green Lantern, Kingdom Come Superman, Impulse, Lobo, Catwoman (90’s era costume), and Batman Beyond. This whole line contains so much 1990’s awesomeness, that you can’t afford to miss out on this one!

Check out some of the photos below, and of course we will update this one better photos are available.

DC Multiverse Action Figures
New Wave of DC Multiverse figures (L-R) – Kyle Rayner, Kingdom Come Superman, Impulse, Lobo, Catwoman, Batman Beyond

So what are your thoughts on this one? Let us know in the comment section below!

About Mattel:

Mattel, the largest toy company in the world, was founded in 1945. It produces a huge range of dolls, toys, games, and video games for boys and girls of all ages. In addition to the company’s very-well-known lines like Barbie and Hot Wheels, Mattel also provides merchandise under license to some of the world’s most famous properties. Many of the firm’s products have become a part of our culture and one would be hard pressed to find any adult in this country who has not owned, played with, or at least touched one of Mattel’s myriad of toys.

3 thoughts on “New DC Multiverse Figures Leaked!

  1. Thomas Wheeler says:

    I’d like to think we’d still get the Impulse figure before the axe falls on Mattel’s DC Multiverse line at the end of the year.

  2. lewisrodger says:

    It’s August 2019 now and catwoman and impulse aren’t the only figures not released.We still don’t know if we’re getting hawk girl,black canary,mammoth,riddler, ninja joker and Simon baz(GL). I think they should make retro riddler a retail exclusive along with ninja batman joker. And make the rest of the figures including catwoman and impulse a collect n connect wave with mammoth being the c n c figure

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