Cryptozoic Entertainment SDCC Exclusive Update!

Cryptozoic recently announced two DC Comics themed exclusives for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The items included a Batman Teekeez, and a Batwoman Pumps Vinyl figure. The bad news is that the two items are already sold out for pre-orders. The good news is that Cryptozoic Entertainment will have a limited amount of them available at their booth (#115) during SDCC.

Keep in mind that the Batman and Batwoman exclusives are extremely limited (300 each). So when they say limited number available at their booth, they REALLY mean limited number.

Obsidian Idol Batman is a variant of the regular DC TeekeezTM vinyl figure, part of Cryptozoic’s collectibles line that is inspired by tiki culture and features iconic DC characters and a distinctive wood-carved aesthetic. Designed by Mark Doublin and sculpted by Stephan Ehl, this version of the figure pays tribute to Batman’s connection to the color black … after all, most of his heroics take place in the darkness of night! Plus, obsidian is volcanic glass that has a tradition of being a protective talisman, fitting in nicely with Batman’s status as Gotham City’s protector. The 2.625-inch collectible comes packaged in Cryptozoic’s signature window box with a foil sticker marking it as exclusive. Like all DC TeekeezTM, it is stackable.

Obsidian Idol Batman
Obsidian Idol Batman

Batwoman is a variant of the Batgirl DC Pumps vinyl figure, part of Cryptozoic’s collectibles line featuring miniature high-heeled shoes inspired by the costumes, props, and personalities of DC’s favorite female Super Heroes and Super-Villains. The figure pays homage to the black-and-red costume of Batwoman, a.k.a. Kate Kane, in current comic books from DC. The 2.25-inch collectible comes packaged in a high-fashion-style shoebox with a foil sticker marking it as exclusive. Each figure is individually numbered (from 1 to 300) on the bottom.

Batman Pump Vinyl

About Cryptozoic Entertainment:

Since 2010, Cryptozoic Entertainment has been dedicated to the concept of “Fans First,” striving to develop the most creative and sought-after products for pop culture enthusiasts worldwide. As an entertainment company with a diverse portfolio of licensed and original IPs, its catalog covers a broad spectrum of tabletop games and collectibles. The passionate team at Cryptozoic aims to inspire gamers and collectors all around the globe, while bringing fans together as part of the Cryptozoic community.

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