New Batman Missions Toys from Mattel

Mattel has released details and images of quite a few new Batman Missions toys coming in July 2018. From new 6″ figures, to 12″ releases, you can find something to add to your Batman collection below!

Pre-Order the Batman Mission Batman and Robin vs. Bane Figure 3-Pack from Entertainment Earth

Fans can wage epic DC battles with three action figures together: 6″ DC Super Heroes Batman and Robin and an oversized Super-Villain Bane! Pair the Dynamic Duo against Bane – and see his chest light up in venom green as he attacks his enemies. Each action figure has iconic details and power suits. Batman and Robin have 14 points of articulation and Bane has 12. Together these three captivating figures create a dynamic display.

Pre-order your Batman Mission Total Armor Batman Action Figure from Entertainment Earth

Prepare for an epic mission with Batman Mission Total Armor Batman Action Figure! This 12-inch scale Batman action figure features removable “titanium” armor, lights, sounds, and 11 points of articulation to create life-like poses. Trigger the chest plate and Batman will call out secret phrases as he races into action. Switch his Batsuit to go from base mode to armor mode and you will unlock additional phrases! Sound effects include a grenade exploding, cape swish, and double punch. Iconic phrases include “This city is under my protection”, and “You’re going down!”?

Pre-order your Batman Mission Batman vs. Man-Bat Action Figure 2-Pack from Entertainment Earth!

Wage battle with Batman and Man-Bat figures with this epic 2-pack! Batman stands about 12-inches tall and is featured in his iconic Batsuit with signature cloth cape and utility belt. The towering Man-Bat features authentic cloth wings with massive clawed hands and feet. Both true-moves action figures have 11 points of articulation for extensive battle and combat posing. Pit them against one another or create a captivating display of these counterpart, key enemies!

Pre-order your Batman Mission Missile Launcher Batmobile Vehicle from Entertainment Earth!

Race through the streets of Gotham City and defeat villains in this Batman Mission Missile Launcher Batmobile Vehicle! This sleek Batmobile holds a 12-inch action figure in the cockpit and fires two projectiles while in motion. After rushing to the scene, grab the weapon off the Batmobile and arm your action figure. The weapon can also be attached at different ports on the vehicle to alter your attack. Drive the most technologically advanced crime-fighting machine on the planet and save Gotham City from lethal enemies! Action figure sold separately.

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