Knight Models Releasing ‘The Batman Who Laughs’ Miniature

If you are in the US, then you probably don’t know much about Knight Models. As a collector of DC Comics ephemera, I know little to nothing about the company. In my Internet travels today, I came upon this unique piece, based on the popular Scott Snyder “DC Metal” story. Apparently Knight Models is in the business of making miniatures games, and they have an officially licensed DC game, though it is only available in Spain. The company releases unpainted miniatures of your favorite DC Comics heroes and villains to use in the game.

There newest miniature seen below is now available. I couldn’t find a source for those of us in the US to acquire it from, but a quick eBay search seems to indicate that their DC miniatures are readily available on eBay. Though this one has not made it to the site just yet. So if you are into miniatures gaming, or just want to add this one to your collection, stay on the lookout, because it is now out and will hopefully soon show up on eBay.

Visiting their store, they have been at this for quite some time, so they’re currently a ton of DC miniatures to acquire! Good luck!

Knight Models - The Batman Who Laughs
Knight Models – The Batman Who Laughs

UPDATE – after looking around, you can find several of these on Amazon for around $20 each, depending on the piece. No “The Batman Who Laughs” miniature yet though. Check out a few examples below:

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About Knight Models:

Knight Models is a Spanish brand born with the idea of being able to give fans the opportunity to assemble, paint and collect the figures of their favorite characters from the world of comics and cinema. Their intention is to reproduce the classic characters of their favorite comics and movies, to be able to share with you, the good moments that they have all spent reading, seeing, living their thrilling adventures in the endless struggle between right and wrong.

The products of Knight Models have been developed by some of the best and most renowned professionals in the sector, with a very well accredited and extensive experience in the world of miniature. Many of them with a special weakness for the world of cinema and comics.

They want to give the customer quality care, which they sincerely believe is the basis of your satisfaction, as much as it is theirs. They have paid special attention to the poses, modeling and painting of each figure, trying to get as close as possible to the spirit of each of the characters.

And their zeal for quality and excellence does not end there: they take pride in the smallest detail, the presentation of the product, and the entire production process of each of their pieces. They are manufactured in white metal or resin of great quality and presented in a metal box; With this they hope to satisfy even the most demanding of collectors.

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