Rumored List of Mego Wave 3 Figures

MEGO fans have been going ‘gaga’ over the companies return and products, and are always looking for a little bit of information about what might be coming. Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader, we have a list of what wave 3 looks like, “possibly”. Remember this is just a rumor until it is officially confirmed.

Rumored Mego Wave 3 Line
Rumored Mego Wave 3 Line

This list features mostly repeats for the DC Comics 14 inch figures, but it does look as if we are getting at least four new figures in the form of Classic Batman (with yellow oval), Lex Luthor, The Flash, and The Joker. As for Classic Superman, one can only guess that this is a re-issue or the ‘S’ logo is different. These DPCI numbers sure do look legit, so let’s hope that they are, and these three figures will soon be added to your collection.

Here is a look at The Joker and Batman from the upcoming wave…

About Mego Corporation:

Mego Corporation was founded in 1954 and became the first company to make action figures of TV and comics superheroes. Led by Marty Abrams, Chairman of the Original Mego Corporation and the godfather of the modern-day action figure, the company continues to successfully build on its history as an innovative leader in licensed Action Figure Toys and Toy Products for the United States andInternational Markets. Mego Corporation has established its headquarter in Great Neck, NY, with manufacturing facilities in China and Mexico.

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