Knight Models – Terror in Gotham Expansion Pack!


Gotham City is no stranger to fear. Behind closed doors, in shadowy alleys, across night-shrouded rooftops, and in ancient caverns and sewers, monstrous creatures and psychopathic villains lurk, ready to lay claim to the night.

Say hello to Knight Models new Terror in Gotham expansion set for the Batman Miniature Game! This set includes three high quality resin miniatures, ready to paint and assemble. This set includes character cards for Batman Miniature Game, scenario rules and assembly instructions, and comes with Man-Bat, Scarecrow, and Solomon Grundy! This new set should be available November 15, 2018!

Check out the new images below!

Terror in Gotham!
Terror in Gotham!
Terror in Gotham - Man-Bat
Terror in Gotham – Man-Bat
Terror in Gotham - Scarecrow
Terror in Gotham – Scarecrow
Terror in Gotham - Solomon Grundy
Terror in Gotham – Solomon Grundy
Terror in Gotham!
Terror in Gotham!

About Knight Models:

Knight Models is a Spanish brand born with the idea of being able to give fans the opportunity to assemble, paint and collect the figures of their favorite characters from the world of comics and cinema. Their intention is to reproduce the classic characters of their favorite comics and movies, to be able to share with you, the good moments that they have all spent reading, seeing, living their thrilling adventures in the endless struggle between right and wrong.

The products of Knight Models have been developed by some of the best and most renowned professionals in the sector, with a very well accredited and extensive experience in the world of miniature. Many of them with a special weakness for the world of cinema and comics.

They want to give the customer quality care, which they sincerely believe is the basis of your satisfaction, as much as it is theirs. They have paid special attention to the poses, modeling and painting of each figure, trying to get as close as possible to the spirit of each of the characters.

And their zeal for quality and excellence does not end there: they take pride in the smallest detail, the presentation of the product, and the entire production process of each of their pieces. They are manufactured in white metal or resin of great quality and presented in a metal box; With this they hope to satisfy even the most demanding of collectors.

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