Prime 1 Studio Announces New Mera Statue

Prime 1 Studio has announced a new DC Comics – Mera 1/3 Scale Statue. Mera stands around 29″ tall, and features the character atop and ocean themed statue base. Mera features her Trident, with a few flying fish jumping from the water along with her. Mera will set you back $1,099. She is scheduled for a March and May of 2020 release.

The statue looks identical to the cover of the book Mera: Queen of Atlantis, which collects the first six issues of that series.

Check out the official solicitation information below!

“The Absence of water is not my weakness. It’s all of yours.”

Another character who owns magical power to control water and a supporting role to her husband, Aquaman, is the Queen of the Sea, Mera.

Prime 1 Studio is proud to introduce the splendid and dynamic Atlantean, MMDC-33: Mera from DC Comics. She has a distinct ability to create hard water objects, as well as superhuman physical strength and ability to adjust underwater environment. She received extensive training in Xebel, and it makes her into a master superheroine.

This Museum Masterline statue comes with an iconic designed base with flying fish attached to the wave. The Queen of the Sea measure approximately 29 inches tall while holding her Trident. Aquaman fans, don’t leave her if you want to add this beauty into your Atlantis collection!


  • Statue Size approximately 29 inches tall [(H):73.3cm (W):56.5cm (D):39.3cm]
  • One (1) iconic-designed base

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