Winter Wonder Fest 2019 is upon us in Shanghai, and a relatively new company on the scene, Infinity Studio, has some gorgeous new Justice League movie pieces ready to show off at the convention. The photos below showcase some seriously awesome busts based on Ben Affleck’s Batman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Henry Cavill’s Superman characters from the Justice League movie.

Keep in mind that we have no information regarding release dates or pricing on any of this at this time. Hopefully as Winter Wonder Fest 2019 gets into full swing, we will know more. Until then, check out the gallery of images of the DC Trinity below!

What are your thoughts on these upcoming busts? Leave them in the comments section below, or on our various social media venues.

Aout Infinity Studio:

Infinity Studio was founded in 2015 in Shanghai. Focusing on design, production and sales of high-end cultural and creative derivatives, Infinity Studio breaks down the barriers of inferiority with perfect product design and top production technology and bring what you passionate to reality. Since its establishment, it has obtained many top IP licenses local and abroad, including: Justice League, Predator, Naruto, EVA, Dragon Ball, etc. At the same time, the original IP three kingdom series and the Chinese mythology series won unanimous praise in the industry.

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