This weekend during Wonder Festival 2019 in Shanghai, Queen Studios will be debuting lots of great products from their DC and Marvel lines of collectibles. One of the new pieces will be this absolutely gorgeous Wonder Woman bust. The bust (almost an exact replica) of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is a 1:1 scale masterpiece! While it isn’t quite a finished piece just yet, it is very close.

Queen Studios also revealed that fans can expect an Aquaman, Batman and Superman with many more DC heroes and villains very soon! Many of their upcoming pieces will be on display at Wonder Festival 2019 in Shanghai this weekend. Stay tuned for that coverage as well.

In the meantime, enjoy the photo gallery below, showcasing this stunning piece of artwork! Also take notice of the extraordinary detail put into everything from the hair to the intricate detailing of her costume! Of course, no pricing information or release date just yet, but keep it here for more information as it is revealed.

Product size: H: 69cm, L: 56cm, W: 46cm.
Materials: silicone, artificial hair, glass eyes, and resin base.

About Queen Studios:

After five years in business, the Night Watch Art team decided the time was right to start a new adventure. For years they have been passionate about design and they knew with their experience, they could make art that is truly exceptional and one of a kind. In 2018, Queen Studios was born! Today, they are in a relentless pursuit of perfection, continuously trying to raise the bar and become a world leader in art collection. Queen Studios has already obtained licenses and authorization from many international entertainment studios. From the film and movie industry, to games and video games, they’re a big advocate of intellectual property rights. They make sure that all of their works of art adhere to strict guidelines so that their fans and friends all over the world can enjoy truly authentic masterpieces.

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