If you were looking for the ultimate San Diego Comic-Con 2019 exclusive DC Comics themed merchandise, then in my opinion, Icon Heroes has just served it up to you on a platter. The company is going back to the 80’s (might favorite decade of comic books) with their San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Exclusive Vigilante deluxe statue!

Icon Heroes presents the Vigilante Deluxe statue based on the DC Comics character created by Marv Wolfman!  This statue includes two interchangeable heads (a masked and an unmasked head of Adrian Chase, who first appeared as Vigilante in New Teen Titans Annual #2), two interchangeable weapons to hold in his right hand (a sai and a brand), and two interchangeable right hands (one to hold a weapon and another holding his mask).  Vigilante stands approximately 8.5 inches tall, one leg perched on his bullseye where his sai and brand can be stored.  This statue is made of high-quality polystone resin, hand painted, individually numbered, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Limited Edition of 250 $100.00

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About Icon Heroes:

Since 1999, Icon Heroes leads innovation in licensed pop culture office products, environment statues, toys, action figures, and collectibles. They bring popular characters to life through fun and functional pieces like collectible statues, toys, action figures, gifts, and accessories. All star licenses include DC Comics, J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World (Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts), Once Upon a Time and Star Trek.

A little about Vigilante:

Only six months into his career he kills a henchman called Brand in a life or death struggle on the top of a roller-coaster. His boss, Mr. Quilt pulls a gun on him. He later beats a man whom he had years earlier wrongly convicted of a crime. This poor start to his career leads Adrian to quit his career as the Vigilante and become the sixth Generation of Chase’s to work at the family firm. He is only a lawyer at the firm for a short time before he decides that he can not live with himself, if he is to defend people he knows are guilty, and he becomes the Vigilante again. He is convinced by the Teen Titan, Cyborg to not kill as a first choice. Vigilante hunted down the criminal William Stryker who was guilty of many crimes including shooting Adrian’s friend J. J. Davis and raping his fiance. While hunting Stryker, Vigilante instead shoots Cyborg and gets Stryker to confess to his crimes and tell where the evidence can be found. When Cyborg awakes in a hospital he finds a get well card from the Vigilante.

This is the first start for Vigilante to not kill unless he is forced too. This causes him problems right away when he faces Cannon and Saber. He confronts the two in their apartment and he attempts to capture them, but they get the drop on him. As a result Vigilante gets stabbed, shot, nearly executed and his identity revealed. His attempts at being a less-than-lethal hero changes when he allowed a police officer to die as a direct result of his actions.

Afterwards he became more and more violent and cared less about who got caught in the crossfire. Adrian was a violent crime-fighter, but in his civilian life he became tormented by his actions. Eventually, Adrian quit being Vigilante, believing that he could be more effective and happier as a judge. He had used the Vigilante persona as a way of combating medical depression, and it became very hard for him to resist his new-found violent tendencies. – from Comic Vine.

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