Do you remember the toy line, cartoon or comic book about Sectaurs? Well ZICA Toys did, and last year they launched a Kickstarter that fully funded to create brand new 4″ action figures based on the old franchise.

ZICA Toys has posted an update to their upcoming Sectaurs action figures on their Facebook page. The factory that they are using sent over packaged layout photos to approve. This is just the latest update indicating that the figures will soon be in the hands of those that funded the Kickstarter. According to recent updates, the figures should be in ZICA’s warehouse in December with a shipping schedule soon after.

For those that missed out on the Kickstarter, you can currently pre-order this line directly from ZICA Toys’ official site.

Images from the factory for package layout approvals.

A little history on the Sectaurs:

Coleco debuted the toy line in 1985 to underwhelming results. Figures and insect creatures were packaged together in a window box with weapons, a mini comic book and instructions. Some of these creatures were made so that the Sectaurs could ride them, and were actually similar to puppets. The idea was that a kid could place their hand inside a glove that made up the lower body of the beast to manipulate the legs and an action feature.

Sadly the line was canceled after the first series. It is thought that the horrific appearance of the creatures along with higher than normal prices compared to other similar toy lines led the Sectaurs to an early death.

The story of the Sectaurs was that “somewhere in space, somewhere in time,” exists a planet called Symbion, where a genetic experiment fails (see the YouTube video above). Frightening changes take place that cannot be stopped. As a result, the world where insects and arachnids grow to frightening proportions and the inhabitants have taken on the awesome characteristics of insects and arachnids. Prince Dargon, ruler of the peaceful Shining Realm of Prosperon, and his allies are in conflict with the forces of Empress Devora, ruler of the Dark Domain of Synax, and her henchmen, for possession of the Hyves, fortresses of an ancient civilization holding the key to ultimate power. Each character was “tele-bonded” with intelligent, non-anthropomorphic insect creatures called Insectoids that had a special ability, and shared each other’s “pleasure and pain.”

An animated mini-series that spanned five episodes was created based on the characters. In addition, Marvel published an eight issue limited series for Sectaurs as well.

About ZICA Toys:

ZICA Toys is a company focusing on the development of toy lines covering a variety of pop culture properties.


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