Prime 1 Studio is upping their cuteness game with a brand new set of Cutie1 collectibles featuring your favorite DC Comics heroes and villains. I am not entirely sure if these are small statues, or if they have some small articulation to them, because the product information does not really reveal all that much.

In any case, the sculpts are unique and fun, and give us a different playful look at some of our favorite DC Comics characters. You can check out all the information that I have been able to dig-up (which is nothing more than product information from their site) below.

The set from Prime 1 Studio, costs $350.00 and is limited to only 400 pieces worldwide.


Cutie1 DC Comics DC Series Complete Set Vol.1
A set of 10 DC Comics characters.
・Wonder Woman
・The Flash
・The Joker
・Harley Quinn


  • One (1) specially designed base

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