Last night Prime 1 Studio held its first online convention style event, showcasing all of their upcoming products. The video which is quite long, is embedded below. If you want to watch the whole thing, be my guest. If you want to start with the DC portion click here.

In case you didn’t want to sit through the entire thing, here is a list of the upcoming statues and get ready to break the bank, because the list is long!

  • Batman: Arkham Knight – Batman (Batsuit 7.43)
  • Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn
  • DC Comics – Black Canary
  • DC Comics – Wonder Woman (Rebirth)
  • DC Comics – Batman vs Joker Dragon (Dark Nights: Metal)
  • DC Comics – The Batman Who Laughs with Robins (Dark Nights: Metal)
  • DC Comics – The Drowned (Dark Nights: Metal)
  • DC Comics – The Merciless (Dark Nights: Metal)
  • DC Comics – The Dawnbreaker (Dark Nights: Metal)
  • DC Comics – The Red Death (Dark Nights: Metal)
  • DC Comics – Superman (Dark Nights: Metal)
  • DC Comics – Talon (Court of Owls)
  • DC Comics – Batman Hugh Line Up (Previously Seen)
  • DC Comics – Nightwing (Batman: Hush)
  • DC Comics – New Artist Collaborations Announced
  • DC Comics – Catwoman (Lee Bermejo)
  • DC Comics – Superman vs Doomsday (Jason Fabok)
  • DC Comics – Wonder woman vs 3-Headed Hydra (Jason Fabok)
  • DC Comics – Batman (Jason Fabok)
  • DC Comics – Penguin (Jason Fabok)
  • DC Comics – Batman Justice Buster Armor (Josh Nizzi)

About Prime 1 Studio:

Founded in 2012, Prime 1 Studio is a Japanese company designing and manufacturing High Detail, High Quality, and High-End statues. Continually pushing the boundaries of realism and bringing your favorite pop-culture characters to life, Welcome to the Next Level!

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