Although he always exhibited a genius level intellect, young Victor Stone didn’t want a life dedicated to science and research like his parents. Instead, Vic dreamed of being a football player, and devoted all of his time to becoming a star athlete while he was still in high school. But a tragic twist of fate which should have left him dead instead found him becoming part man and part machine – a Cyborg.

Saved by his scientist father after a tragic accident left very little of Victor’s body intact, Dr. Silas Stone used all of his advanced scientific knowledge to save his only child’s life, and to rebuild his him into a superior being, one that was arguably now more machine than man. As a cyborg, Vic was now far stronger than the average person, and could interface with computers, and emit various types of energy that made him a formidable fighter. Although he ultimately chose the path of the Super-Hero, Victor never fully acclimated into being only partially human, and always carried a sadness within him, as he mourns for the normal life he never had.

One of the planet’s greatest heroes, Cyborg nevertheless puts all of his internal struggles aside when the time comes to saving innocent lives and protecting the Earth, either as a member of the Teen Titans or as a part of the Justice League. Because of his ability to interface with computer systems, perhaps there is no hero more fitting for this modern, digital age.

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