They say “two heads are better than one,” and that old adage was never more true than in the case of Firestorm, one of Earth’s most powerful Super-Heroes, as he is literally two beings fused into one body. When teenager Ronnie Raymond was caught in a nuclear accident with the brilliant Professor Martin Stein, their atoms fused together, creating a powerful metahuman who could emit deadly nuclear fire, and alter inorganic matter into whatever form he could imagine. The brash teenager Ronnie had control of Firestorm’s conscious mind, while the Stein portion existed in his mind, guiding his actions.

Becoming the youngest member ever admitted into the ranks of the Justice League up until that time, the flame-haired Nuclear Man served alongside the likes of Superman and Batman for many years, earning the respect of the old guard of heroes, while forging his own path for a new generation of heroic icons. Although he’d undergo many different permutations as time went on, adding the Russian hero Pozhar to the Firestorm matrix, and later, teenager Jason Rusch, Firestorm always remained one of the Earth’s most staunch defenders, not to mention one of the most powerful beings on the planet.

Super Powers