Thursday, May 26, 2022

Swamp Showdown

It’s time for a Swamp Showdown with the BATMAN 4-Inch Action Figures! Join the Dynamic Duo of BATMAN and ROBIN and face off against the dangerous KILLER CROC with this Walmart exclusive action figure set! Each highly detailed 4-inch BATMAN articulated action figure features exclusive swamp-themed styling, accessories, and 11 (BATMAN and ROBIN) or four (KILLER CROC) points of articulation for you to pose any way you want! Team up with BATMAN and ROBIN and use your imagination and the 5 included accessories to create your own Swamp Showdown storylines and take down KILLER CROC!

  • 5 ACCESSORIES: Each figure includes an accessory – a blaster for BATMAN, 2 swords for ROBIN and a chain and sewer cap for KILLER CROC. Use them in your Swamp Showdown battles!
  • CREATE A SWAMP SHOWDOWN: KILLER CROC is on the attack! Team up with Dynamic Duo, BATMAN and ROBIN, to take down this dangerous creature in an epic Swamp Showdown!
  • This BATMAN 4-Inch collectible Action Figure set is a must-have for fans and collectors aged 3 and up. Bring BATMAN, ROBIN and KILLER CROC to life with the Swamp Showdown 4-Inch Action Figure Set!

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