Funko Batman: Arkham Series Mystery Minis Archive

In 2015, Funko released a set of Mystery Minis based on the popular Batman: Arkham video game series.  Mystery Minis are individual figures presented in a black plastic bag (or blind box for those in know).  This assures that no one knows which figure is in which bag.  The Batman: Arkham Series Mystery  Minis set featured 12 vinyl mini figures based on characters and likenesses from the game series.

The original 12 included Arkham Knight, Batman (Arkham Asylum), Batman (Arkham City), Batman (Arkham Knight), Catwoman, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Nightwing, Poison Ivy, Red Hood, Robin, and Scarecrow.

The Walgreens case included three exclusive figures which included two different detective mode Batman figures, and a Killer Croc.  The Gamestop box included an exclusive Batman, a Mr. Freeze, and a variant Joker figure.

Check out the Funko Batman: Arkham Series Mystery Minis Archive below!


About Batman: Arkham Series:

Batman: Arkham is a video game series based on the Batman superhero franchise.Each game revolves around the inmates of the infamous Arkham Asylum, the mental institution that holds (or fails to hold) all of Batman’s insane foes. Batman: Arkham Asylum has The Joker seizing control of Arkham Island and freeing all the other inmates, including the Bat-rogues. Batman: Arkham City takes place a year later, with Batman caught up in a plan to imprison Arkham’s inmates in a walled-off area of Gotham City that includes pivotal locations in Batman’s history, including Crime Alley and Ace Chemicals. Batman: Arkham Origins is a prequel detailing how Batman first met various enemies, including Joker, Bane, Deadshot, and The Riddler. Batman: Arkham Knight is the supposed finale of the series, with Batman fighting Scarecrow and an alliance of villains as they attempt to burn Gotham City to the ground.