Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Toy Fair 2019: Imaginext 80th Anniversary Batman Figures

Fisher-Price has revealed some rather cool Imaginext 80th Anniversary Batman figures coming this year. Apparently there will be a box set featuring...

Toy Fair 2019: The Paladone Booth

This year's Toy Fair booth for Paladone didn't have as many amazing DC Comics pieces as it did last year. In fact...

Toy Fair 2019: The Cryptozoic Entertainment Booth

Next on our tour of Toy Fair 2019 comes the Cryptozoic Entertainment booth. This year's booth looks very similar to their San...

Toy Fair 2019: The Diamond Select Toys Booth

Continuing our look at Toy Fair 2019, we have the Diamond Select Toys booth, straight off of their acquisition of Gentle Giant....
DC Primal Age Black Manta at Toy Fair 2019 (photo by Pixel Dan)

A Look at DC Primal Age Wave 2 at Toy Fair 2019

If you were wanting a better in-person look at Funko's upcoming DC Primal Age wave 2 figures, then Toy Fair 2019 is...
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