WRITERS WANTED! DCCollectors.com wants YOU to help contribute to our site. Whether you have been professionally writing for years, or a 12-year-old fledgling writer, we won’t play favorites. Your job is to produce good content and we will make it a point to use your stuff. We’re always on the look out for dedicated contributors who can properly create unique content to share with our readers.

What we are LOOKING for…

We accept any DC Comics collecting related article (that you originally write) that provides us with quality content in one of these forms…

  • News Aggregation: Surf the net and gather relevant “breaking” news to add to our site. Don’t just copy and paste though.  Read the article and re-write the article with your thoughts on it.
  • Editorials: Do you like to spark debate or have strong opinions about the DC Universe? Do you find yourself contemplating the differences between Gotham and Metropolis? Then you’d be a great editorial writer.
  • Interviews:  Do you have legitimate industry connections? Do you have what it takes, to track down talent an interview them?  Then you are needed here!
  • Features: Do you enjoy writing histories, primers, Top 10 Lists? DCCollectors.com is in desperate need for these and would love to have you.
  • Reviews/Previews: Do you like critiquing DC Comics collectibles?

How do I get started?

  1. Contact us and let us know that you want to write for DCCollectors.  Tell us your ideas about what you want to write and send us a few samples or mock-ups of your work.
  2. You must register for an account with the site, which you can do HERE.
  3. Confirm your account by following the link in the email you were sent after registering. (NOTE: Sometimes our email will get sent to your trash folder, so be sure to check. You cannot login unless you click that link.)
  4. After reviewing your samples, and we approve you, then you are done.  Now login to the site HERE.

Things to Remember!

While we are passionate fans about the DC Comics collectibles and toys, it doesn’t mean we can throw just anything up and call it news/articles.  We want to do our best to follow established guidelines and ethical practices. Here are a few important ones to remember to follow:

  1. DO NOT plagiarize. When reporting news content from other sites, only take a small piece of someone else’s work–a paragraph or two is acceptable. If you find you are taking too much you might just want to rewrite it.
  2. Always credit your source. Make sure when you use content from another site or news source that you give them credit with a link back to their site. It’s as simple as typing this at the end of the article: Source: Example.com
  3. DO NOT use copyrighted images. There is a lot that is free on the web, but most of it is not. Unless the company gives you an image to use, try and use some of your own.  Example, if you’re writing an article about the vintage Cloud Car Pilot action figure, take a few pictures of yours and add to the content.
  4. Exclusive content is fantastic.  If you have a legit scoop, we will of course try and vet it with our sources, before running it.  If it checks out and we run it, then you will get mad recognition on the Internet!  Congrats!

What Do You Get?

I am sure you are wondering what you get out of the deal?  We would like to say, you would be rewarded with riches beyond your imagination, but unfortunately that is not the case.  As of now you would be working to make a name for yourself in the industry, or just for the love of it.  We are a fast growing site though.  Who knows what the future holds.  In the future we could get you free tickets to events/conventions, review material, and more.

As you help the site grow with your content, you increase your ability to make a name for yourself and the possibility of payment.  Who knows, one day we might choose the best of the best for a permanent paid position.  Until then though, you will be helping to build that, and writing the best articles gives you the best chance.

Good luck and we look forward to your submissions!  To the Batmobile, Robin!